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Posted by drakebell93 on 2005.11.04 at 15:55
drake and josh have to make a project. drake refuses to cooperate, but when josh says that the video is about his band, he pitches in.

also, drake has a new girlfriend, susan. josh thinks that susan is having a crush on him! and there is no doubt about it when susan kisses josh! drake catches them in the act but susan is a good liar that she convinced drake that josh was kissing her. now drake thinks josh as a traitor but josh knows susan is a cheater. drake tells josh to "stay away" from his girlfriend.

when susan kisses josh for the second time, josh is totally fed up and wants to prove that susan likes him.

josh tells drake to hide in the closet when susan comes so he sees how susan acts when she is alone with josh. but unfortunately his plan backfires and his problem with drake gets worse.

megan uses their video project for her plans to embarass the two.

it is filming day and the first film shows drake and his band singing "Girl Next Door". the next scene shows susan dancing around, and then the t.v. shows drake singing in front the mirror and josh in the bath tub. then megan is on the screen with a post board saying, ha ha. and drake is about to turn off the t.v. but josh tells him not to, as a film showing susan kissing josh flashes on the television!

josh screams at susan, "BUSTED!" susan turns to drake and says,"drake, did you hear what he said to me?!" and then drake thinks and says to her,"oh, i think what he said was BUSTED!" susan gets embarassed.

the next scene shows megan saying sorry to drake and josh and thanks her.

the NUMBER-ONE FAN episode

Posted by drakebell93 on 2005.10.22 at 00:26
Current Mood: cheerfuldrake, drake, drake...
josh is baking s'mores as drake comes in. drake is about to get one but josh tells him not to, because the s'mores are for his dad's campfire group. but as josh has his back turned, drake gets one but it is too hot so he drops it and when josh looks at him he notices nothing. josh goes to the living room where he finds his dad tied up in the chair. his dad goes away and tells josh that he (josh) is the new campfire chief.

in their campfire group, megan is included and she has a groupmate named wendy. when wendy sees josh she asks megan,"hey, drake is your brother, right?" then "don't you think drake's adorable?" but megan replies,"i think of him more as a... target." now wendy is so happy she is going to spend time with drake a lot (lucky her).

wendy goes to drake and josh's room to see drake practicing the guitar. she learns that drake is going to be on a radio then drake gives her his guitar pick. josh comes in and wendy tells him,"look, drake gave me an autograph." josh gets the picture and says,"at the back of my autographed picture of frankie muniz?!" then wendy snatches the paper back and fleds.

in the movie theater drake and a girlfriend (named melissa) are dating. wendy watches them as melissa says,"want a fry, drake?" drake says "sure". then melissa gets a fry, puts it into her mouth with half the fry sticking out. and drake bites the outer half (again, lucky her). wendy is outraged and goes to their table to interrupt, then she gloats at melissa and drake shoos her away.

drake tells josh that he is getting crazy with all of wendy and he shows it to josh. he called wendy and the girl's answering machine said," drake's not here right now but if he was that'd be so cool! (pause) please leave a message" then drake hangs up. he opened the curtain window and wendy is there, holding a jar of pickles. she says,"hi drake! i brought you some pickles! oh, and will you marry me?" drake looks at josh, stunned. then josh has a notebook and he sees a little cartoon of drake and wendy holding hands. drake is going insane.

the next day wendy enters the living room and she is wearing a picture that shows drake sleeping. she got one for josh that was vehicle-sized.

in belleview high school as drake and josh enters the classroom there are picture of drake sleeping, not unlike the one wendy had on her shirt. drake gets in trouble as his classmates laughed at him.

drake comes home as wendy tells megan that they are going to be future sister-in-laws. drake shouts at wendy:"LEAVE ME ALONE!" then wendy gets upset.

drake is on the radio station, and he is finding his guitar pick in his backpack. he finds a letter from wendy, saying that she will never love him again, and enclosed is his guitar pick that he gave her. drake thinks about it and decides to go home.

drake sings "Down We Fall" to wendy and the show ended.

josh is locked in the indoor tent (courtesy of megan parker).

first entry!

Posted by drakebell93 on 2005.10.21 at 23:38
Current Mood: hopefulplease join...
hello all! i just want everyone to join this JARED DRAKE FANS CLUB, i don't care who you are as long as you're human enough to know him! i may sound obsessed (ask my friends and tell you they shall), but believe me, i really am.

welcome to the world of drake bell.